FWD 2 Commission E: Parsley herb and root

  The Commission E Monographs

Parsley herb and root

Petroselini herba/radix
Published March 2, 1989

Name of Drug

Petroselini herba, parsley
Petroselini radix, parsley root

Composition of Drug

Parsley, consisting of the fresh or dried plant section of Petroselinum crispum (Miller) Nyman ex A.  W.  Hill [Fam.  Apiaceae] and pharmaceutical preparations thereof.  

Parsley root, consisting of the dried root of P.  crispum (Miller) Nyman ex A.  W.  Hill and pharmaceutical preparations thereof.  


Used in flushing out the efferent urinary tract in disorders of the same and in prevention and treatment of kidney gravel.  


Pregnancy; inflammatory kidney conditions.  


Irrigation therapy (flushing out treatment) should not be carried out in the case of edema caused by impaired heart or kidney function.  

Side Effects

Occasional allergic skin or mucous membrane reactions have been reported.  

Interactions with Other Drugs

None known.  


Unless otherwise prescribed:

Daily dose:

  • 6 g of the prepared drug.  

Mode of Administration

The crushed drug for infusions as well as other galenical preparations with a comparably small proportion of essential oil to be taken orally.  

Warning:The essential oil should not be used in isolation because of its toxicity.  

Irrigation Therapy

Large amounts of fluids must be taken.